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I currently work as Protein Expression and Process Development Scientist in a biotech company in Austin.

My PhD research is biophysical characterization of skeletal muscle cell repair mechanism in a molecular level.

In order to study the physiology of muscle proteins, I gained experience in molecular biology, protein engineering, protein expression, isolation, and purification. I also learned many assays to study protein-ligand or protein-membrane interactions, and many other fluorescent and microscopy techniques. Structural biology is another focus of my research and hence I routinely analyze structure of proteins by X-ray crystallography, NMR, or other techniques.

My Master degree in Biotechnology was related to biochemistry and cancer cell biology. Hence, I have experience in mammalian cell culture as I studied the anti cancer effects of a new drug and its synergistic effects in combination with other chemo, against several types of cancer (in vitro). My research has never involved animal experimentation.

I also obtained my BSc degree in Chemical Engineering, with two concentrations: Process Design and Biotechnology. I have also publications related to nanobiotechnology and biofuel production, and have experience operating bioreactors.

I'm also a musician and I play bagpipes, organ, piano, and accordion professionally!

In my free time, I rescue animals. I hope that in the near future I can dedicate my life full time to save animals and the environment.

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Faraz Harsini

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